Fertility on the couple: what are the consequences?

Just like marriage, having a baby can be a real source of stress in a couple. Between the obsession to create a family, the fertility on the couple, the social pressure, the desire of your family and the biological clock, your relations can suffer from it.

Deciding to become pregnant can create tension, disagreements and obsession. For your good of your couple, calmly approach this new stage of your life.

What are the consequences of fertility on the couple? Is there too much pressure?

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Take an interest in fertility on the couple to get pregnant

 1. Running after periods of fertility: the loss of spontaneity

During the cycle, there is a peak of fertility, also called ovulation phase.

So, you have a period during the month when your chances of getting pregnant are higher. In order to maximize opportunities to get pregnant, many couples have maximum sex at this time of the month.

The problem with this approach is that the desire to have a child takes over sexual desire. Keep the spontaneity and the sincerity of the relationships so as not to lose the symbiosis of your couple. The feeling of obligation and rush can block you or create discomfort.

To avoid impacting your fertility, keep the natural sex. Forget the calculations, the numbers, disconnect and enjoy the moment. Without that, you will create a client of tension and negative pressure within your couple that will significantly reduce female fertility, but also male fertility.


2. Put yourself under pressure and be disappointed when the result is negative

When the desire to be a parent arises, you will want to get pregnant quickly. However, if the result is negative after several attempts, it can create disappointment. This feeling of guilt will born within the couple: did you do things well to have a baby? At the right time? Calculations of the cycle are they good? Have you been fast enough?

These questions are irrelevant. They can be a source of conflict within your marriage. Sadness is a normal, human feeling. But, always think that you are stronger together. The desire to start a family will take over. Make these disappointments a strength to unite you and not the other way around.


 3. Consider couple fertility problems: a source of tension

When getting pregnant takes time, stress and panic begin to settle in your relationship. You can even ask yourself questions about female fertility as well as male fertility.

However, it’s essential to not point fingers. There is no fault. This reaction is a source of tension and will not improve the fertility of your couple. You need to create a calm and healthy climate to get pregnant quickly.

Stress does not help if you want to have a baby. You will enter an endless gear. According to Dr. Silvia Alvarez, a gynecologist at La Muette Clinic in Paris, if all stressors are reduced, couples can see an improvement in fertility within three to six months.

Reduce tensions and reduce conflicts to boost your couple’s fertility.

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Fertility on the couple can be a source of tension. Having a baby and getting pregnant requires peace and quiet. You must keep your essence and your complicity. Join forces and love to have a child and start a family.