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Male fertility : how to boost the fertility of your fellow ?

 When we think about having a baby, the image of the woman automatically comes to mind. And yet, to have a baby, you have to be two. It’s therefore important to also look at male fertility and boost it. This notion is still too little discussed today. But it’s important.

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Our tips to increase male fertility

When a couple wants to have a child, the woman changes almost all her daily habits starting with food, sports, sleep or stress management. The man must also have this attitude to increase your chances of having a child quickly.


The importance of food

Food is essential in female fertility but also in male fertility. Choose vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Antioxidants boost sperm and make it easier to reach the ovaries. They are more active. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are a great alternative if you miss out on inspirations. These are fresh products, filled with good vitamins.

We recommend the consumption of tomatoes. It contains lycopene and promotes the formation of sperm.

Omega 3s are also a great option in your spouse’s food. There are many in the fish that allows the proper formation of the sperm so that it releases the enzymes.

Finally, to avoid all endocrine disruptors and pesticides, choose organic food. In all supermarkets, there are organic sections to guarantee the quality of the products ingested.

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The practice of a sports activity

Studies have shown that men with regular physical activity have a higher sperm concentration than others. It is therefore essential that your spouse find a sport activity and practice it regularly. Avoid the bike where there’s compression with the saddle. Otherwise, the creation of heat at the level of intimate parts doesn’t promote male fertility.


Daily changes

Beyond the changes in the plate and a regular sport, changes must be made in the daily life of your partner. First, he must become a big fan of cold. Indeed, low temperatures are the best friends of the testes. Sperm doesn’t like the heat that affects sperm quality. It’s essential to not take hot baths, wear slim jeans or go to saunas so it doesn’t impact your chances of having a child and getting pregnant quickly.

More of that, avoid exposure to electronic waves. The phone in the front pocket of the jeans and the computer on the thighs are two habits to proscribe. The waves in the devices have a strong impact on hormones.

In addition, you must ban the presence of stress in your home. This state of mind has an impact on the production of sperm. This is no longer a mythstress has negative effects on fertility. If you have baby cravings, it’s important to leave problems aside to ensure the quality of the sperm. To remedy this, consider activities such as yoga, meditation or gardening. They allow to relax.

Finally, it’s essential to stop smoking and to reduce alcohol consumption. It has been found that sperm concentration in smokers is less good since it contains less sperm. Beyond quantity, quality is also affected since they are slower. Regarding alcohol, if the consumption is too important, male fertility will drop. Some professionals recommend a maximum of 5 drinks a week.