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Fertility and stress:  understand the link to get pregnant

Stress situations are a bit intense when you want to get pregnant. Fertility and stress don’t match. It’s an endless loop. You are under pressure because you are not pregnant. With this constant stress, your body isn’t in the best position, so it will take time. The more days and months go by, the more you will question yourself.

All this mood affects your body, your state of mind and your fertility.

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Why fertility and stress don’t match ?

Many people don’t see the relationship between fertility and stress. And yet, when you are stressed, you imagines all the scenarios. Your imaginary and your temporary paranoia create a permanent anxiety. However, the psychological side plays a preponderant role in fertility. So don’t take it lightly.

Indeed, if your brain communicates stress to your body, your metabolism will be blocked. It’s the reason why the belly is called the second brain of our body. He reacts to all emotions. For example, if you are stressed, you will feel like a weight on your stomach.


In addition, in recent years, the law of attraction is a very popular subject. This concept is based on the following idea: the universe gives us what we give. This means that positivity attracts the positive. On the contrary, being negative and pessimistic attracts negative waves in your daily life. To get pregnant quickly, the idea is the same. If your body feels stress and panic, fertility will get stuck because your body will not feel ready to accept a pregnancy. To convey the right message, you need to be relaxed. This approach allows you to increase your chances of having a child.


The link between fertility and stress is scientifically proven. Indeed, the hypothalamus controls stress and sex hormones. These two hormones can’t be produced at the same time. The hypothalamus produces either one. If you are constantly in stressful situations, the production of sex hormones is lower.

These states of panic also have a consequence on the female reproductive system. Stress causes the creation of catecholamine. This substance impacts the fertility by preventing contact between the egg and the sperm.

In addition, with this state of mind, hormones such as cortisol or prolactin are created. They can interfere with ovulation.


To have a child and get pregnant quickly, it’s essential to relativize. All daily situations lead to stress. You must have to learn how to manage these situations if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed. You must not see pregnancy as a challenge but as a desire, without pressure. Everyone knows the scenes in movies where you have to have sex fast because the ovulation rate is high. It’s only exist in movies and in Hollywood. Don’t consider these moments as unique by hammering “it’s now or never”. With these thoughts, you will develop psychological blockages.

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All the techniques to reduce this stress

According to the personalities of each other, the stress is more or less present. However, trying to get pregnant can put a strain on your nerves. Therefore, when you consider the relation between fertility and stress, you have to relax. Be careful, this approach should not be seen as a challenge. Take things as they are presented to you without putting pressure on yourself.


Here are some techniques to control your daily stress:

  • Practice hypnosis: this approach allows you to work on existing blockages or phobias that can create stressful situations.
  • Discover sophrology: learn to control your breathing.
  • Have desired sex, don’t put yourself under pressure to count how many sexual relations you have per week.
  • Relativize pregnancy: As said before, giving life is one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Don’t slaughter yourself with challenges, dates or cycles. Be natural.
  • Sleep: sleep is important when you want to get pregnant fas If your body is in a state of exhaustion, you aren’t conveying the right message. And, you will have nerves to live.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or any energy drink
  • Practice yoga or meditation
  • Identify stressful situations in order to avoid them or learn to control them, for example places with too many people.

If you feel the need and the desire, MyBubelly puts at your disposal psychological support coaching to learn how you can deal with your daily stress and feel better in your life. With this method, you put the odds on your side to get pregnant.