Why am I not getting pregnant?

No matter how hard you tried, you are facing difficulties to get pregnant. You start to panic, and lose hope of having your little boy or girl ? Don’t lose self-confidence ! Having difficulties to make the dream of motherhood come true is way more frequent than we might think. When you can’t get pregnant, it’s important to understand what causes it, so you can better understand how to deal with disappointment and especially, learn what you can change to make it happen.

The possible causes that prevent you from getting pregnant

There are many reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant.

First of all, the cause can be hormonal disorders of environmental origin. “When we are in the pre-conception phase, we have a whole set of environmental recommendations to reduce exposure to endocrine disrupters,” gynaecologist Véronique BIED DAMON explains. Our daily environment is polluted with many endocrine disrupters, which can really affect fertility and pregnancy : cosmetics, household products, or even drugs that can influence the production of hormones, essential to pregnancy.

Many soon-to-be parents also put a lot of pressure on themselves in their conception project. Stress, tension, smoking, alcohol, and various sexual problems (e.g., too frequent or insufficient sex) can prevent you from getting pregnant.

Problems related to the menstrual cycle, such as too rare ovulations, early menopause, or an abnormally thin endometrium – mucous membrane of the uterus – can also complicate a child’s conception. Other more serious disorders exist such as a blockage in the fallopian tubes or if your own mother consumed growth hormones during her pregnancy.

The expectant father should also be concerned about your difficulties in getting pregnant : an abnormality in the sperm, sperm that do not respond properly to the cervical mucosa, can also make conception more difficult and explain why you can’t get pregnant.

In short, getting pregnant is a process that must of course be done without stress, but still, needs preparation. Before consulting to identify possible more serious problems, you can try to prepare your body for pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle, with an appropriate diet and good prenatal vitamins can really boost your fertility. MyBuBelly offers natural methods combining the calibration of intercourse according to your ovulation and nutrition program that not only helps you get pregnant, but also allows you to choose the sex you want for your child.

When to book a doctor’s appointment ?

If you consult a gynaecologist, he or she will have to investigate to identify the reasons why you can’t get pregnant. They will start with a long interview with you and your partner. Then they will ultrasound the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. They will also perform a contrast test to make sure that nothing is stuck in the fallopian tubes (hysterography).

As a general rule, after 15 months of unsuccessful attempts, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

You should know that your chances of fertilization decrease significantly if you have very irregular periods, if you no longer have periods, if you are over 35 years old, if you have had abdominal surgery or if you have had an abdominal infection. If you are in one of these cases, don’t wait and have an appointment as soon as you have decided to conceive a child.

Solutions to different problems

Depending on the problem you encounter, there are treatments or solutions that are more or less effective.

Ovulation, which can be stimulated by taking hormones, can also be stimulated in a completely natural way, with an adapted diet and an healthy lifestyle.  

The frequency of sexual intercourse can be improved and focused on having sex during the ovulation period to increase the chances of conception.

For expectant mothers who are unable to get pregnant because of serious problems, specialists can offer in vitro fertilization. This solution is generally the last resort for many couples, but many simple and natural methods can be used to avoid reaching this solution.

In conclusion, after failing to get pregnant, it is important to be able to manage your disappointment before trying again. It is essential to manage these failures and deal with them as a couple. Never get discouraged and keep your confidence up because many parents have testified that they discovered the pregnancy when they were thinking of giving up. You will Find them in the Testimonials section of MyBuBelly, as well as our coaching to obtain support and comfort in the face of difficulties in getting pregnant.