The rate decreases because we want to support you until you succeed and be at your side.
Each month you will be able to decide whether to continue the method from an alert message in your personal area.


from the start of the dietary programme and monitoring your cycle and pH level, until the conception of your little girl or your little boy.
The subscription fee is 149 euros a month for the first 6 months.
Then 99 euros a month after the 7th month.

You will receive a large house box
that can even be re-used as a birth box
(by turning the drawers around!) 

Each further month
From the second month, you will receive a drawer box that will be practical
to re-use afterwards.

The food supplements
(Calcium and magnesium to have a little girl. Sodium and potassium to have a boy. Folic acid and vitamin D3 for both. They are gluten free, GMO free, lactose free, kosher and halal. And the ones for having a girl have a slight strawberry flavour. They are specially designed in France in an aim to make the MyBuBelly method even more effective).

A pH test booklet

This pH test booklet will enable you to measure your pH level every day, based on our specific recommendations.

A box of ovulation tests
In your personal area, your cycle will be monitored precisely but it is essential that you also check it with an ovulation test.

The MyBuBelly method booklet (the first month),
with its removable sheets in which you will find the list of forbidden and allowed foods.

A small sleeve to always have your MyBuBelly kit
to hand (the first month), to put away your removable sheets for example.


MyBuBelly will soon be available in your language….

In the meantime, you can register on the French website.