MYBUBELLY is a synergy of talents who have merged their know-how and their experiences so that your method is effective, simple, easy,
accessible to all, tasty and especially personalized.


PERSONALISED COACHING FROM EVE, MyBuBelly’s virtual guide, whom the subscriber can ask as many questions as she wants,

in order to respond to your needs, doubts, desires or simply everyday questions like finding solutions to food intolerance, getting advice before going out, travelling or understanding an ovulation test.

And when the time is right, Eve gives recommendations for conception dates, depending on your particular cycle.


This is reflected by the presence of many comprehensive and educational advice sheets on each part of the method:


Raphaël GRUMAN, nutritionnist.

Raphaël GRUMAN specialises in personalised diets as well as nutrition for pregnant women, babies, children and teenagers. Raphaël GRUMAN is also the author of a dozen books on nutrition and a regular guest in popular media.

Raphaël Gruman developed the dietary programme with Gwen Rassemusse. In his part of the app, he gives guidelines and recommendations on many issues that can be encountered. He made sure that the menus and recipes were perfectly balanced.

“”The dietary program lasts at least 3 months.
Before that, there won’t be a significant enough increase, decrease or stabilisation of the pH to really boost your chances.

Gwen Rassemusse from S’cuiz in, culinary expert.

S’Cuiz in is a Parisian culinary design agency that transforms beauty into deliciousness. And vice versa.
Gwen Rassemusse’s role is to facilitate and strengthen the dietary programme.
Her advice sheets give tips to help the subscriber adapt the method to her daily life, her constraints, her tastes, her desires… (For example a food intolerance, a snack craving, or if you want to treat yourself with a particular food). “There’s always a way to adjust the method to each person.

You have to see the diet as a balance between eating favourable and prohibited ingredients. If you slip up, it’s not too big a deal. You’ll just need to balance it out with several authorised foods.

Veronica BIED DAMON, gynaecologist

Dr Véronique BIED DAMON is a gynaecologist specialised in reproductive medicine since 1994. She practices all medically assisted reproduction (MAR) techniques in the management of the infertile couple.

She is particularly interested in the impact of psychological and environmental factors (pollutants) on fertility.

She has been working for 4 years in a “gynaeco-psychology” team with Valérie Grumelin, psychologist. They have developed a method (ORIUS or Original Regression Intra Uterine Stimulation) that allows women to free themselves from any negative conditioning and imprints on her fertility in order to help her conceive.

Véronique BIED DAMON specialises in reproductive medicine, and has developed advice sheets on fertility, ovulation, cervical mucus, your cycle, your partner’s fertility… Because it’s important to know how your body works!

“During consultations, I’ve often noticed that when a patient really has a deep desire to have a girl or a boy, she’ll go on the Internet, searching around for miracle recipes. She’ll whip up her own little cocktail and often it’s not very effective, or even dangerous. The advantage of the MyBuBelly method is that it combines the only two concepts based that are based on science: diet (pH) and timing in relation to ovulation. And above all, the patient is coached–she’s not left to her own devices during the process. She feels supported, and as a result, she feels less stressed.

Having a guide helps her helps avoid making mistakes as she’s out there alone trying to figure out how things work.”

Valérie GRUMELIN, psychologist.

Valérie GRUMELIN, a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Paris,  studies the connection between body and mind, and in particular, the influence of the mind in infertility.
In partnership with Dr BIED DAMON, she helps patients who have faced several unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy to combat their psyche and free their minds. Valérie GRUMELIN gives advice and her unblocking technique on her website «Le Guide de l’Infertilité*».

The psychological aspect is particularly important during the preconception period. Valérie Grumelin is also a specialist in fertility issues. She has prepared advice sheets for our method on the topics of psychological blockage, on not feeling guilty for wanting to choose the sex of your baby…

And she’s even available to support subscribers who are interested in continuing to work with her after the method, if needed.

“Sometimes the desire for pregnancy is present, but emotional and psychological blockages create what is called unexplained infertility. These emotional blockages can be caused by many different things: A trauma related to one’s own birth or childhood, a phobia (or a shock), the fear of not being succeeding (because of age, family pressure, everyday worries…).

Often it’s just your subconscious that is resisting, which keeps you from conceiving your baby.

The importance of coaching
Coaching is important. The coach is a guide, a daily adviser, and a good listener. Using the coaching properly will help you find an external source of strength that will give you the inner peace and emotional release needed to conceive your baby.

Dr Sylvain MIMOUN, gynaecologist, andrologist and sexologist.

Trained in various coaching techniques, Sylvain MIMOUN has been working in this field for over 25 years and has written numerous books.
Sylvain Mimoun provides precious advice for the method, with just one golden rule: trying to have a baby should be pleasurable. He breaks down all of the preconceived notions that you may have about sexuality and fertility.

“There’s no one sexual position that’s going to help you have a girl or boy.
However, it’s clear that monitoring your cycle plays an important role, due to the difference between X and Y sperm. The X sperm are stronger and the Y sperm are faster, so if you can  manage to time the dates of intercourse in relation to your ovulation, you’ll have a better chance to be able to influence the sex of your baby.”

Isabelle LUQUET, naturopath.

Thanks to Isabelle LUQUET, the coaching covers topics like wellness and lifestyle that can be very useful when trying to conceive.
“Who hasn’t dreamed of influencing nature to choose the sex of their baby?

What’s most important to me as a naturopath is to remember that we’re all different, so our needs are all different, as are our reactions. So you need to find an approach that respects each individual, her cycle and her health and avoids generalising and treating everyone like they’re the same.

Personally, having been raised in a family where women played an important role in my daily life, I heard a lot about diets or traditional methods that were passed down from generation to generation in order to increase the chances of having a little girl or boy.

Dr Joëlle TUBIANA, endocrinologist specialising in nutrition

Joëlle TUBIANA specialises in the connection between nutrition and fertility. She has developed a list of tips to boost your fertility through your diet.

“The MyBuBelly method allows you to take action without feeling judged. The woman comes to us with a question, wanting to choose the sex of her baby, and leaves in better health, with a body that feels better, and that she understands better. So it’s got to be a good thing.

Fertility issues don’t always need to have a medical solution, nor are they always complex.

All you have to do is take care of yourself, eat well, monitor your cycle, get to know yourself better and follow the basic recommendations that are so important (not smoking, exercising…).

MyBuBelly means telling yourself that it’s all up to you, and that the things you thought were complicated at first don’t always turn out to be in the end.”

Alain Aknin, gynaecologist

Dr Alain Joël AKNIN is an obstetrician-gynaecologist and former Assistant Attaché for the Hôpitaux de Paris. He is also the former founder and director of the Clinique du Bien Naître, whose activity has been transferred to the Clinique Ste Thérèse.

“In medicine, you have to keep things simple for it to work, and as natural as possible. That’s what I was drawn to in the MyBuBelly method. It’s simple and natural.

What still gets to me a little bit is that some people still judge others harshly for wanting to choose the sex of their baby. Future parents who make this choice shouldn’t feel guilty about it, because this desire is completely natural. When you’ve had five girls in a row, or five boys in a row, or for plenty other reasons, it’s a real pain.”

Richard SION, paediatrician

Dr Richard SION has been living in eastern Paris for more than 40 years.

He is the founding President of the Forum Francophone Internationale des Professions de Santé (FFIPS), as well as founding President of the association “Les Amis d’Alyn France” which help children who suffer from myopathy and motor disabilities.

“Coaching is key, and it’s what makes MyBuBelly stand out. For the first time, women are followed, supported and accompanied, all before conception takes place. This is one of the project’s main benefits.

A mum-to-be needs to be accompanied and supported like anyone else. So with the method she’ll be able to apply these techniques that were designed for all types of women. And she’ll feel secure knowing that if she runs into even the slightest difficulty, she has a network of people she can reach out to get help, correct the situation if necessary, and reassure her. This method pose no health risks to either the mother or the unborn baby. On the contrary, it’s beneficial for your health!
I think that the fact that this method is natural is essential.”

Docteur JJB, gynécologue.

Doctor JJB has been working as a private practitioner for many years since founding his practice in 1978. For many years he was a general obstetrician-gynaecologist before being recognised as a reference in reproductive medicine today.
He was keen to share his extensive experience with us on the subject of fertility and provide advice.


“Why shouldn’t we use the means that are available to assist women in having a child of a given sex if this frustration is causing them to suffer? We must help these women, and if the end result isn’t what they had hoped for, we must reassure them and remind them that at least they fought for what they wanted. They will have tried and at least later on, they will have no regrets.”

Dr Stéphanie Krammer Krief, Doctor of Pharmacy

A Paris-based chemist for 20 years and NLP Coach. Her work as a chemist has made her very aware of the importance of listening and the physical and psychological well-being of her clients.

“I believe that what makes MyBuBelly so successful is the combination of 2 scientific techniques and personalised coaching on a daily basis, which gives it an invaluable human aspect.”

Cécile Pétureau, Naturopathe

Cécile Pétureau is a former lawyer who has since become a naturopath.

Her goal is to help you adjust your lifestyle to increase your fertility. Your habits (diet, digestion quality, stress level, lifestyle and sleep patterns, physical activity, etc.) have a significant impact on the healthy functioning of your body and your reproductive system.

Dr Emmanuelle Barrali-Golstenne,
Radiologist specialised in paediatric and foetal imaging
(Centre d’échographie mère-enfant in Paris).

Radiologist who specialises in paediatric and foetal imaging, in charge of pregnancy and paediatric ultrasounds.
Former Internal Specialist in Radiodiagnostics and Medical Imaging.

Former Assistant Head of Clinic at the Hôpitaux de Paris (Radio Paediatrics Department at the Hôpital Necker-Enfants Malades in Paris). Former Practitioner in the Imaging Department of the Hôpital Franco-britannique in Levallois-Perret. Emmanuelle has co-written many publications on the topics of paediatric radiology and prenatal diagnosis.

“In the context of a couple who have already had 3 girls or 3 boys, I fully understand that they want to have a baby of the opposite sex to balance the family. Even for the unborn child it would be better, he or she will be happier.

And I like the coaching aspect of the MyBuBelly method. It is important to support your patients, give them good advice, and check in with them regularly.

Often, they’re completely in the dark. I want to get pregnant–what should I do? What am I supposed to eat? How can I understand my body? There are more and more women who have a hard time having children.

The support for this desire for pregnancy is good today, especially through nutrition.
In order to start off a pregnancy in good health.

Dr Alain STAGEL, intensive care anaesthesiologist

“With MYBUBELLY, you’ve chosen to have a boy or girl, you are an active and motivated woman, and since you don’t like to leave things to chance and fate, it is very likely that you will prepare your delivery down to the last detail.

Safety during childbirth is fundamental for both baby and mother, and the entire act of giving birth must focus on this absolute necessity.”


These food supplements are manufactured in a laboratory in the south of France by a team of scientists, quality experts and highly experienced technicians.

This laboratory is ISO 22 000 / 2005 certified, which is a guarantee of food safety for manufactured products.
These food supplements have been approved by  nutritionist Raphaël GRUMAN.

The dosage, as well as the blend of their all-natural ingredients in the supplements (all of vegetable origin, lactose-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, kosher, Halal) make them important allies in the method’s success.

These are:
–Magnesium and vitamin B6
–Folic acid and vitamin D3
The calcium and magnesium supplements are combined to optimise the vaginal environment’s pH environment which becomes more acidic.
The nutrients’ citrate formula improves the absorption of active ingredients.
This influences fertilisation by a sperm carrying the X chromosome. This combination of nutrients can lead to the birth of a girl.
A little touch in the food supplements for having a girl is their strawberry flavour!


Il s’agit de :
– Potassium
– Sodium
– Folic acid and vitamin D3

When there is high sodium and potassium content in the mother’s diet, the egg tends to attract sperm carrying the Y chromosome because the environment is more basic. This may therefore lead to the birth of a boy.

You will have noticed that whether you want a girl or a boy, it is beneficial to take folic acid.
What is folic acid? It’s vitamin B9 prescribed regularly by doctors as soon as a woman wants to be pregnant. It also reduces the risk of embryonic defects in the closure of the neural tube.
Vitamin B9 is combined with vitamin D3, which the vast majority of people lack and which plays an important role at the start of pregnancy. Vitamin D3 also binds calcium to the bones.

Note that the MYBUBELLY method folic acid is made by the company QUATREFOLIC. This folic acid has a specific form of B9 which is highly effective, with high bioavailability, safety incorporated, extended stability and flexibility of formulation. Furthermore it is suitable for vegetarians (not animal-based).