Frequent asked questions




I want to follow the method. When should I sign up?

You need to start the method BEFORE getting pregnant.
Ideally, you should sign up 4 to 6 months before your desired date of conception.

How long should I subscribe for?

The duration of the MYBUBELLY method depends on you and the unique way your pH will adapt until it reaches the right level (Phase 1). This takes about 3 months on average. 3 months is also the minimum amount of time it takes for your pH to stabilise, so it’s also the minimum duration of phase 1 (even if your pH reaches the right level earlier).

After that, you will need to continue to follow the method up until the conception of your baby girl or boy (Phase 2). That depends on you, too! Our coaching is designed to make it as short as possible.

Therefore, the MYBUBELLY method lasts as long as it takes you to conceive your baby girl or boy.
In total, you should plan to follow the programme for about 3 to 6 months on average.


How does the subscription work?

It’s a monthly subscription that gives you access to all of the MYBUBELLY services.
Delivery is free worldwide, even when you go on holiday!

It’s your choice whether or not to renew each month; we’ll send you a reminder. You may cancel your subscription at any time. This subscription is designed for all women. But as we know that every woman is different, a medical team is available to help find a customised solution for you. This is what we call our personalised coaching.


How is the cost of subscription to the MyBuBelly method calculated?

MyBuBelly is a beautiful box delivered to your doorstep that’s filled with food supplements, ovulation tests and pH tests.
But most importantly, it’s also a personalised online coaching service.
The cost of the subscription is set based on the cost of this complete online coaching service: access to the app, text messages, e-mails, cycle and pH monitoring, a diet programme with advice sheets on all the topics that might be of interest to you, hundreds of recipes, as well as a team that is always there to answer your questions.
The subscription fee is calculated based on the cost of the personalised coaching and the food supplements (which were specially developed for the method by a French laboratory).


What are the accepted means of payment?

Debit card, Visa, MasterCard, 3D Sécure, PayPal, American Express.
For other means of payment, please contact us to see if it’s feasible:
Please note that your invoices will be available in your personal space. The first invoice is sent to you by email.





When will I receive my first box?

Your box will arrive 3 to 7 days after your registration for France and Europe (within 15 days outside of Europe). The box is sent by Colissimo registered mail with delivery against signature. It can also be delivered to a Mondial Relay pick-up point. Once you have received your box, let us know so we can activate the method in your personal space (there is a button for this). When you subscribe, you can access your personal coaching space online (website and app) as soon as you have paid (the box will arrive a few days later).


When will I receive the following boxes?

Your box will arrive 3 to 7 days after the monthly renewal of your subscription for France and Europe (within 15 days outside of Europe). Our logistics service ensures that you will receive the next box a few days before finishing the previous box’s contents. The boxes are always sent by Colissimo registered mail with delivery against signature or delivered to a Mondial Relay pick-up point.


I have not received my box. What should I do?

If you have not received your box within 7 days after registration or renewal (7 days for delivery in France; 15 days for the rest of the world), ask around: perhaps a neighbour has received it for you, or maybe it’s waiting for you at the Post Office. If you are waiting for a Mondial Relay delivery, please contact Mondial Relay to track the package. If it is a Colissimo, please make a claim with the Postal Service, and they will help your package make its way to you (as it’s a Colissimo with signature, it is possible to track the package). You will receive a tracking number for your package when it is shipped to allow you to track its progress.


What are the shipping fees?

Shipping is free worldwide. For countries outside of the European Community, you will need to cover the customs fees.

Can I receive my box abroad or when I’m on holiday?

Of course! Just let us know when you register, or when you receive the reminder for the automatic renewal. We will confirm the delivery time if needed.

My box or its contents arrived in damaged condition. What should I do?

Send us a photo of the damaged product and we will find a solution quickly.


The MYBUBELLY method

Is it normal to want to choose my baby’s sex?

Research shows that the desire to choose a baby’s sex has existed since at least the 11th century. This topic has been discussed in every part of the world.

For example:

• If you already have 3 little girls, it’s natural to want a boy.
• If you already have 2 little boys, giving them a little sister would be a beautiful gift.
• Perhaps by custom, you and your husband would prefer to have a son first… or a daughter.
• Or maybe your children want to have a little sister or a little brother.
• Maybe your neighbour had 6 daughters and you want to do the same… or better!

There are multitude of reasons to want to choose the sex of your baby. This decision is the most precious of all decisions because it is yours to make.


Yes, but is it normal?

It’s natural. That’s it. No operations, just a diet programme that will help you to eat a balanced diet and boost your fertility, and a personal coach to help you understand your body better. What could be wrong with that? Furthermore, this type of method has existed since time immemorial, in every culture, period, and place.


What kind of woman is this method for?

Every woman! We have subscribers all over France, as well as Switzerland, England, Belgium, Asia, Africa, the Middle East… They come from every culture, every walk of life, and every age group. They include new mums and experienced mums alike. MYBUBELLY is for every woman who has the profound desire to have a baby girl or boy (often, this desire is shared with their husband or partner, as this is a family decision).


Can I give MYBUBELLY to a loved one?

Of course! Just send us a message at, and we’ll explain how to give this method to a loved one.
Or go directly to the sign-up page.

For a loved one who wants a boy:
For a loved one who wants a daughter:


Is the method refunded if the sex of our future baby isn’t what we wanted?

Of course, the overriding priority is to have a healthy baby.
We have developed the recipe part of the method to make it even easier.
We have also improved the coaching, as well as the personalised follow-up.
All of these innovations have improved the effectiveness of our method.
We are so confident in our method and in our subscribers that we have created the “Satisfied Parents Money-back Guarantee”. If our method doesn’t work for you, we will give your money back (see website for conditions).


Why do you talk about “grandma’s recipes”?

“Grandma’s recipes” is our way of saying that our method is natural and draws on a long tradition that has been shared over time in many countries. We have professionalised it thanks to our team of nutritionists (headed by Raphaël Gruman) and our doctors (gynaecologists, paediatricians, psychologists). We’ve also modernised it with real online coaching.


Does it really work?

Our method for having a girl or a boy is a natural one. And, just like Mother Nature, it can do things well— but not always. All of the studies and writing on this subject indicate a high success rate. It has been proven that a woman’s diet has a strong influence on her internal pH level. And the internal pH level has an influence on the competition of “boy” or “girl” sperm racing towards the egg.

When was the MYBUBELLY method created?

The method, developed by MYBUBELLY founder Sandra Ifrah, has existed for 8 years. Since then, dozens of women have successfully followed this method. In May 2017, the method became an online coaching method with the creation of Eve, the virtual coach, and the team of specialists trained to answer all of your questions and personalise the method for each woman (doctors, nutritionists, gynaecologists, psychologists).

Similar methods have existed for decades (all of them present a success rate of about 80 to 90%). These methods are inspired by the methods of our grandmothers, who carried their wisdom down through generations.


Can you refer me to studies on this topic?

There have been several studies, in particular on the influence of diet on pH levels, and also on the influence of pH levels on the competition of “boy” or “girl” sperm racing towards the egg.
Here is an excerpt from our bibliography. Our work was based on these studies.
We are also launching our own study, over several years, to prove the effectiveness of the method.



1. A.M. Noorlandera, J.P.M. Geraedtsb, J.B.M. Melissenc (2010). Female gender pre-selection by maternal diet in combination with timing of sexual intercourse – a prospective study. Reproductive biomedicine online. 21(6), 794-802.

2. Abd Elraouf Oun, Sayed Bakry, Sameh Soltan, Ahmad Taha, Eman Kadry (2016). Preconceptional Minerals Administration Skewed Sex Ratio in Rat Offspring. Research in Obstetrics and Gynecology. 4(1): 11-15.

3. Nancy. c. Pratt, u. W. Huck, T and R. d. Lisk (1987), Offspring Sex Ratio in Hamsters Is Correlated with Vaginal pH at Certain Times of Mating. Behavioral and neural biology. 48, 310-316.

4. Papa, Henrion, Bréart, Sélection préconceptionnelle du sexe par la méthode ionique. Régime alimentaire. Résultats d’une étude clinique prospective de deux ans, Journal de gynécologie obstétrique et biologie de la reproduction 1983 (12-415-422)

5. Fiona Mathews, Paul J Johnson, Andrew Neil (2008), You are what your mother eats : evidence for maternal preconception diet influencing fœtal sex in humans. The Royal Society Publishing.

6. Daniel König, Klaus Muser, H.-H. Dickhuth, A. Berg and P. Deibert (2009). Effect of a supplement rich in alkaline minerals in acid-base balance in humans. Nutrition journal


Have similar methods given good results in the past?

In addition to the studies our work is based on, similar methods have already given very good results. Here are a few:

• In 1986, an Inserm team measured a 74% success for a diet that was aimed at conceiving a girl.

• In 1988, the Rothschild Hospital in Paris showed a success rate of 85%. The method for choosing the baby’s sex was based on a diet.

• In April 2008, the Royal Society in London published the results of a study led by researchers in Oxford. For 740 women, they showed that diet before conception had an influence on the sex of the embryo.

• In the 70s and 80s, a team of doctors at Cochin Hospital and in private practice showed a success rate of over 80% for 4000 patients who followed a diet to modify their pH levels in order to have a girl or a boy.


What do you propose for women who don’t succeed with your method?

First, let us be clear from the very start: MYBUBELLY is a natural method that gives the natural processes a nudge to help things go in one direction or the other. A natural method cannot have a 100% success rate.

If the sex of your baby is not what you had hoped for, if you wish, you can contact our psychologist, Valérie GRUMELIN, who can help you process any disappointment you may be feeling. Valérie is present throughout the method, if a subscriber has a moment of doubt. Valérie GRUMELIN is a specialist in psychology and fertility, with her website “Le Guide de l’Infertilité” (The Infertility Guide).

Of course, the most important goal is to have a beautiful, healthy baby.

If the method doesn’t work, we will reimburse you (see website for conditions).


How is the MYBUBELLY method more complete than similar methods?

In addition to improving and modernising traditional methods that have withstood the test of time, MYBUBELLY has added specially designed dietary supplements, an innovative cycle tracking feature, a fertility-boosting diet programme, and personalised daily coaching to let you follow YOUR method. To make this happen, our medical team is available to answer all your questions.


I read that to have a baby girl or baby boy, I need to calculate my ovulation period and choose the right conception date. Is that true?

Yes, this is the second phase of our method. The difference in speed and resistance of “girl” and “boy” sperm must be taken into account.
We are the first to combine diet, pH balance, dietary supplements, fertility, and cycle tracking. It is this combination of elements that is the key that makes the MYBUBELLY method so effective.


If it doesn’t work, what should I do?

First, make sure that you have followed the method correctly: have you taken your dietary supplements at the right time, followed the diet programme, tracked your pH levels, and tracked your cycle and our recommendations for conception? Furthermore, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Despite all our best efforts to help things along, nature always has the last word—thankfully! Therefore, for the minority of you for whom the method doesn’t work, we will reimburse you! (see website for conditions)


When should I start?

The MYBUBELLY method must be started BEFORE conception. Once the “winner” sperm cell enters the egg, the sex is determined, and nothing can be done to change it. We will prepare your body prior to conception to help a “girl” or “boy” sperm cell to win. Count on average between 3 to 6 months to get there.


Can I start the method just after having given birth? What about if I’m breastfeeding?

Yes! If you are feeling brave and if you think that there isn’t enough atmosphere in the house already, you can start the MYBUBELLY method shortly after having a baby. However, you must wait until AFTER you are done breastfeeding (if you are breastfeeding, of course). The supplements and the diet programme may alter your milk.


Can I start the method after a miscarriage?

After a miscarriage, it is preferable to wait until your cycle becomes regular again before starting the method. We are here to answer any questions you may have on this topic, but it is very important to discuss it beforehand with your gynaecologist.


Is the method dangerous for my health?

MYBUBELLY is a 100% natural method. It was designed by professionals (supplements manufactured in an ISO 22000/2005-certified French laboratory for a guarantee of the products’ food safety; a renowned nutritionist; a medical team to personalise the monitoring), and many women have already followed the method. It may or may not work for you, but it presents no risk to your health. However, we always recommend that you seek the advice of your doctor or gynaecologist before you begin.


I’m worried I will develop nutritional deficiencies.

The MYBUBELLY method is supervised by doctors and a team of nutritionists. There is no risk of deficiency. The menus have been designed so that all the macro- and micro nutrients you need are provided in a balanced way. The choice of certain foods allows for the acidification or the alkalinisation of the body but presents no risk of deficiency if the programme is followed correctly.


I’m worried I’ll be too tired if I follow the method.

If you find yourself worn out or having difficulty following the method, our team offers an “anti-fatigue” sheet as well as personalised solutions to help overcome your tiredness quickly and adapt the diet programme to your particular energy needs.
We might advise you to eat more of this, less of that, or to take such and such a remedy (always natural and adapted to the method, of course).
We will also ensure that your calorie intake is sufficient, adding additional foods if necessary, or equivalents in case of intolerance to a particular ingredient.


I’m concerned about the diet. I’m afraid I won’t have enough to eat!

Don’t panic! You will want for nothing. You will be able to choose from hundreds of delicious gourmet recipes, dozens of simple everyday recipes, lists of permitted foods, hints, snacks, tips on the website, personalised advice when you send us an email… You should never go hungry on this diet!


What is the diet, then?

Simply put: eat a little more of this and a little less of that, in order to guide your pH level to make it more acidic or alkaline, depending on whether you want a baby girl or a baby boy.


What is included in your diet?

We have designed the programme so that it suits all types of women.

You will find:

• Lists of foods that are allowed and prohibited.
– Specially designed recipes you can make each day, which will both orient your pH level and boost your fertility.
– These recipes are presented in sample days that have been studied (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner).
– Simple menus for several weeks, to allow you to vary your food intake easily.
– Daily tips to give you the right reflexes, to make the method easier to follow and increase its effectiveness.

All of this is included in the recipe section of your personal space.


Is there any room for error in the diet?

In the “tips” portion of your recipe section, you will find advice to help you manage dining at restaurants and eating with friends, in addition to the lists of foods that are allowed and prohibited, to reduce the risk of slipping up. But we’re only human and it’s possible you’ll slip up sometimes. Don’t panic! If the diet is followed correctly overall, it’s not too much of a concern if you make a mistake from time to time. It’s all a question of balance.


In the method, there is a list of foods that are allowed and prohibited, but that’s not all. What do you mean?

In addition to foods that will help you to have a baby boy or baby girl, we also have created a list of foods that boost your fertility. This is the first time that a method combines both! We developed a table of values based on the mineral salt content of various foods. For example, it’s good to eat bananas on the boy diet, and it’s good to eat eggs or drink milk on the girl diet. We also have gathered a list of tips to help you cook or combine the foods. Our recipes, from the simplest to the most complicated, are the first to be developed based on this principle: “pH orientation + fertility boosting”


I follow a lactose-free, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, or halal diet. Can I follow the MYBUBELLY programme?

Yes, of course! Each recipe is designed to be adapted to different habits or dietary restrictions. Even when it comes to key foods, our team of nutritionists have found alternatives. For example, if you are lactose-intolerant and want to follow the girl diet (where there are a lot of dairy products), there are other ways to get enough calcium.

The dietary supplements are lactose-free, gluten-free, without GMOs, kosher and halal.


Can I make the same meals for the dad?

It’s up to you to follow the diet, but your husband can eat the same foods as you.

He doesn’t have to salt his dishes for a boy or drink milk for a girl, but you can enjoy all the same meals. The whole family can participate too! There are, however, some very special cases in which the father must follow the diet as well (1% of cases). Our nutritionist will be available to answer any questions you may have.


So, the dad doesn’t have to follow the diet?

In the vast majority of cases, it’s not necessary. Under normal conditions, men produce about 50% of sperm cells with an X (girl) chromosome, and 50% with a Y (boy) chromosome. However, some infections or diseases of the urinary system may upset this balance. When in doubt, you can have a sperm analysis done to determine the pH level. In case of prostate infection, medical treatments will restore the pH. A balanced diet will help to balance the pH. But you can ask him to follow the diet along with you in order to shift his pH balance towards the desired sex and better your odds!


Is the method compatible with a weight-loss diet?

Our nutritionist, Raphaël Gruman, has planned for everything. He designed a complement to the programme that will allow you to follow our method while losing weight. If you are already on a diet, let us know when you register so that our nutritionist can guide you and help you to combine the two objectives.


Is the method compatible with a weight-gain diet?

Our nutritionist, Raphaël Gruman, has planned for everything. He designed a complement to the programme that will allow you to follow our method while gaining weight. If you are already on a diet, let us know when you register so that our nutritionist can guide you and help you to combine the two objectives.


Are the dietary supplements commercially available?

To have a boy, you need sodium and potassium.
For a girl, you need calcium and magnesium.
For both, we will also send folic acid, which is recommended by most doctors and which is important for the future foetus.
These dietary supplements have been specially designed by a French laboratory in close collaboration with us, under the supervision of nutritionist Raphaël GRUMAN.

The aim is threefold:

• First, shift the woman’s internal pH balance.
• Next, boost her fertility to get pregnant more quickly and easily.
• Finally, to adapt to all women, no matter their habits or dietary restrictions. These supplements are completely natural, kosher, halal, vegetarian, lactose free, gluten free, and without GMOs. They are not sold in stores and are more effective for this method than anything else you can find on the market.

What is your relationship with the subscribers?

We talk with some of them on a daily basis, and we speak to the others very frequently. It’s a relationship based on trust and listening. The subscriber decides whether she would prefer to communicate with us daily or if she would prefer that we step back and support her more unobtrusively.
We do everything in our power to make the method easier and more effective for our subscribers. We all want for it to work and for an adorable baby girl or boy to arrive as quickly as possible.
If often happens that a subscriber tells us: “whether it’s a boy or a girl, I am just so happy to have you by my side, because it makes it easier for me to manage what would otherwise be a complicated time.”


Does the method work with artificial insemination or IVF?

It is possible to follow the MYBUBELLY method if you are undergoing ovarian stimulation treatment or intra-uterine artificial insemination (it is not possible in the case of a donor).

However, for IVF, fertilization takes place in-vitro, i.e. outside of the body, and therefore outside of your body’s pH environment. Sex selection based on pH will therefore not be possible despite following the diet in the case of IVF.


Can I start the MYBUBELLY method while using birth control?

No. You must stop taking the pill or remove your IUD before beginning the MYBUBELLY programme (or, at the latest, at the same time that you begin). Both the pill and the IUD have an influence on your pH and will not allow the method to work correctly.


What precautions must I take before getting pregnant (and thus when starting MYBUBELLY)?

• Stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least two to three months prior.
• Eat a healthy and balanced diet, and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables in particular.
• Take folic acid (provided with the MYBUBELLY method)
• Take vitamins (provided with the MYBUBELLY method)
• Pay attention to your environment, limiting chemical pollutants (endocrine disruptors) and excessive exposure to electromagnetic waves.
• If you take medication regularly, tell your doctor that you want to start a pregnancy (and that you want to start the MYBUBELLY method)
• Pay attention to your health, especially your teeth.


Can ovarian stimulation treatment change my pH level?

No, ovarian stimulation treatments simply promote a good hormonal balance with ovulation; they do not modify the body’s pH. You can follow Phase 1 of the MYBUBELLY method to shift your pH balance in one direction or the other and follow your ovarian stimulation treatment at the same time.


Can I follow the MYBUBELLY method and continue to take my usual dietary supplements?

It depends on what you’re taking. Most dietary supplements influence your pH. For example, vitamin C acidifies. Homoeopathic remedies also have an impact on pH but with lower doses. The huge amount of plants and formulations make it impossible to predict how your pH will change. The same goes for phytotherapy, which often combines several plants. It is usually preferable to refrain from taking supplements during this period to avoid cancelling out the effects of the MYBUBELLY programme and supplements.


Is there a maximum age for starting the MYBUBELLY method?
Does the method take longer if I’m over 35?

You can follow the MYBUBELLY method up to 44-45 years of age.

After that you should consult your doctor or gynaecologist and take tests to find out if you are fertile.

Between 35 and 40, you can follow the method as usual if you are in overall good health. After 40, it is possible that it might take you a bit longer to conceive, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule: it depends on you, your body, and your gynaecologist’s opinion.

Can I sign up now and start the method later?

Yes, of course! By subscribing now, you will receive your box and your account will be created. Then whenever you want to begin, you can start the programme by clicking on “Activate my next box”. By clicking on the button, you will activate 30 days of online coaching, pH monitoring, cycle tracking, diet, tips and advice sheets…


Can I take a break during the method?

You can take breaks during the method and pick up your account where you left it at a later date. It’s up to you to decide when you want to take a break, to start again, or stop completely (reminders will be sent to you to remind you to renew, but it’s up to you). However, after a 1-month break, you will need to go back to Phase 1 if you were in Phase 2 because you will need to stabilise your pH again.