The experts who help you choose between a girl and a boy

MYBUBELLY is a synergy of talented professionals who have pooled their know-how and experience for your method to be effective, simple, easy, accessible to all, tasty and personalised…



S’Cuiz in is a Parisian culinary creation agency that makes delicious food from beautiful ingredients. In collaboration with the nutritionist Raphaël Gruman, they designed the MYBUBELLY dietary programme, a daily menu that is easy to follow and simple to prepare, with tasty dishes adapted to all women, regardless of their dietary restrictions and habits.




A reminder text message when you must measure your pH. Another not to forget to take your food supplement. An alert to notify you of the periods for conceiving your little girl or your little boy. A table that measures the changes in your pH level. Innovative cycle monitoring. All these tools have been created by a team of digital experts who have made your website and your application an effective, personal guide throughout the method.




The food supplements were specially created to make the MYBUBELLY method and the dietary programme effective. These food supplements are made in a laboratory in the south of France by a team of scientists, quality specialists and technical operators with broad experience. This laboratory is ISO 22 000/2005 certified, guaranteeing the food safety of the products manufactured. The food supplements’ dosage as well as the combination of their natural ingredients (plant-based lactose free and gluten free) make them essential to the method’s success.


The MYBUBELLY method dietary programme was designed by the nutritionist Raphaël Gruman, who also approved the food supplements. Raphaël Gruman is specialised in personalised diets, as well as in diets for pregnant women, babies, children and adolescents. Raphaël Gruman is also the author of ten books on nutrition and a regular guest in the media (BFM TV, les Maternelles (France 2), Europe 1, Elle, Madame Figaro, etc.). He is also an expert nutritionist in the health press (Santé Magazine, Top Santé, Psychologie).



There have been many articles and books by doctors on the possibility of choosing one’s child’s sex for a long time.
Most doctors who have worked on the topic have made the same observation: a method based on guiding pH levels and monitoring the cycle works in most cases.
But at MYBUBELLY, we didn’t want to refer to studies that were not strictly speaking scientific, but based on statistics. And above all, we wanted to emphasise that our method is inspired by ancient grandmothers’ remedies that have already been tested over time across the world. Furthermore, this method was launched following successful personal experiences.
Nevertheless, it was important for us, and therefore for you, to turn to recognised medical experts and ask their opinion. In addition to our nutritionist Raphaël Gruman, we asked paediatricians, gynaecologists, psychologists, biologists and pharmacists about their view of a method like this.

In this way, an advisory committee was created around MYBUBELLY
and we would like to thank them for their support.

Véronique Bied Damon, gynaecologist in Lyon.
Dr Véronique Bied Damon has been a gynaecologist specialising in reproductive medicine since 1994. She practises all the techniques for medical assistance with procreation in supporting infertile couples. She is particularly interested in the impact of psychological and environmental factors (pollutants) on fertility. For 4 years she has worked in partnership with Valérie Grumelin, psychologist. They have developed a method (ORIUS or intra-uterine rebirth with EMDR) which liberates women from their conditioning and the negative psychological imprints on their fertility in order to facilitate pregnancy. “Choosing the sex is quite a frequent request, whether the couple is fertile or infertile, even pushing some couples to go abroad to choose the sex of future child by sexing their embryo with In Vitro fertilisation techniques: it’s a costly and ethically very questionable technique in this context (creating embryos to then destroy those that are not of the desired sex!)  It is not authorised in France. Turning to ‘natural’ methods is therefore the best solution and above all the most physiologically-sound, ethical and respectful of human beings.”

Dr Alain Aknin, gynaecologist in Paris.
Dr Alain Joël Aknin is a gynaecologist, obstetrician and former consultant at Paris hospitals. He is also former founder and director of the Clinique de Bien Naître whose activity has been transferred to the Clinique Ste Thérèse. “In our times, young couples, for social reasons, plan their desire to have children over time. It seemed natural to us to help them choose the sex of their child to achieve a family balance.”

Valérie Grumelin, psychologist.
Psychologist and psychotherapist in Paris, Valérie works on the link that unites body and mind and in particular the mind’s influence on infertility. In partnership with Dr Bien Damon, she enables patients who have failed to get pregnant after several attempts to unblock their psyche and free their mind. Valérie Grumelin shares her advice and her unblocking technique on her website “the fertility guide”. “I am experienced in supporting fertilisation, which requires meticulous monitoring of my patients. They must feel reassured. I found the same approach in the MYBUBELLY method personalised coaching, with this character Eve in the site and app who is there, who gives advice and sends text messages and emails. The idea is to enable users to set a goal, to keep to it and to have support with it.”

Raphaël GRUMAN , nutritionist.
Raphaël Gruman is a nutritionist. He practises privately in Paris. He is specialised in weight loss but he also treats pregnant women, babies, children and teenagers who are overweight or obese as well as sports people. “We knew that diet could improve a person’s health but it can also influence their internal pH level, thereby enabling them to determine their child’s sex. This completely natural method is very practical to put in place and is aimed at all women. MyBuBelly also recommends taking certain mineral or vitamin food supplements (for the girl diet: magnesium, calcium and folic acid and for the boy diet: sodium, potassium and folic acid) which precisely calibrates the body’s pH level, increases your chances of conceiving a baby and provides all the essential elements for the future little foetus.”

These are:
–Magnesium and vitamin B6
–Folic acid and vitamin D3
The calcium and magnesium supplements are combined to optimise the vaginal environment’s pH environment which becomes more acidic.
The nutrients’ citrate formula improves the absorption of active ingredients.
This influences fertilisation by a sperm carrying the X chromosome. This combination of nutrients can lead to the birth of a girl.
A little touch in the food supplements for having a girl is their strawberry flavour!


Il s’agit de :
– Potassium
– Sodium
– Folic acid and vitamin D3

When there is high sodium and potassium content in the mother’s diet, the egg tends to attract sperm carrying the Y chromosome because the environment is more basic. This may therefore lead to the birth of a boy.

Folic acid

You will have noticed that whether you want a girl or a boy, it is beneficial to take folic acid.
What is folic acid? It’s vitamin B9 prescribed regularly by doctors as soon as a woman wants to be pregnant. It also reduces the risk of embryonic defects in the closure of the neural tube.
Vitamin B9 is combined with vitamin D3, which the vast majority of people lack and which plays an important role at the start of pregnancy. Vitamin D3 also binds calcium to the bones.

Note that the MYBUBELLY method folic acid is made by the company QUATREFOLIC. This folic acid has a specific form of B9 which is highly effective, with high bioavailability, safety incorporated, extended stability and flexibility of formulation. Furthermore it is suitable for vegetarians (not animal-based).