I want to be pregnant with a girl

a simple method that is accessible to all

Do you dream of having a little girl? But you wonder, is choosing my child’s sex possible?
MyBuBelly offers you a simple, accessible and natural method to maximise the chances of fulfilling your dream.
Of course, we are not inventing anything new – this method has existed since the dawn of time and many generations of women have tested and approved it before us.
But what we are offering you today is a modernised method, personalised support and monitoring and specific tools,
in short, a real journey that will help you optimise your chances of conceiving a pretty little princess!

This method takes place in 2 phases…

… It is delivered in pretty boxes

How to have a girl.

je veux tomber enceinte d'une fille


1/The food supplements made exclusively for MyBuBelly by a French laboratory.
These food supplements are specifically measured to help your body reach the right pH level and conceive your little girl. They adapt to your dietary habits or restrictions (gluten free, lactose free, GMO free, Kosher and Halal).
For the girl method, each month you will find in your box :

–A box with 30 calcium sticks.
–A box with 30 magnesium and vitamin B6 sticks.
–A pillbox with 30 folic acid and vitamin D3 tablets.

2/The pH test booklet
This pH test booklet will enable you to measure your pH level every day, based on our specific recommendations (make sure you follow them properly).
A text message or alert email will notify you each time so that you do not forget this measurement which is essential for following our method.

3/The box of ovulation tests

In your personal area, your cycle will be monitored precisely but it is essential that you also check it with an ovulation test.
With the contents of our boxes, each month you will have all the tools necessary to prepare your body to conceive a little girl. EVE and the MyBuBelly team are also at your disposal to coach you and help you every day!

Je veux être enceinte d'une fille


1/Coaching videos
How do I measure my pH level? How do I follow my dietary programme?
How do I monitor my cycle? We answer all your questions with short, simple explanatory videos that are easy to access. With EVE, you will find an answer to each of your questions in our personal area.

2/ Personalised text messages or emails and MyBuBelly online chat provide daily support…
EVE will always be there to remind you to take your food supplements, to tell you measure your pH level or for any other important step in our method, by text message or email. Furthermore, EVE will also be available on online chat if you have the slightest question.

3/ Our dietary programme specially developed by Raphaël Gruman,
the well-known dietician, will boost your fertility and guide your pH to have a little girl.
Your diet is essential in our method and you will therefore have access to our special girl recipes, our videos for dishes that are both tasty and easy to make, our forbidden/allowed food sheets and our expert’s recommendations. All this combined with taking our food supplements will enable you to maximise your chances of having a girl.

4/ An area to monitor your cycle and your pH level
Finally, EVE will guide you in the personalised monitoring of your cycle, with innovative tools to measure, input and analyse your data in order to conceive your girl in the right period and at the right time.

With our personalised area you will be guided and coached each month so that your child’s sex will not be down to luck. Instead, you will optimise your chances of conceiving a little girl!

During all these steps, you will never be alone. EVE and the whole MyBuBelly team will be at your side to answer all your questions, coach you through this wonderful adventure and optimise your chances of conceiving your little girl with total peace of mind!
In our personal area, you can watch our explanatory videos again and again to understand each step of the method. You can contact us by email or via the online chat at any time because, much more than a method, MyBuBelly is an experience shared between women!

having a girl


–Subscribe to the MyBuBelly girl method.
Gain access to your personal area and get information by watching the videos, the dietary programme part, etc.
Receive your first box within 3 to 8 days (depending on the post office times) with your MyBuBelly booklet inside that will explain the whole method to follow.


–As soon as you receive your first box, confirm that you have received it in your personal area by clicking the ‘I’ve received my box’ button and start phase 1 of the method.

At the same time:
–Start taking your food supplements that are specially designed for having a girl, according to the prescription you are given.
–Start your dietary programme with the special girl recipes provided in the Recipe part of your personal area.
–Use the Cycle and pH monitoring tools in your personal area and enter your results in your dashboard every day.

This phase lasts on average 3 months
to reach the right pH level to conceive your little girl.

You must not fall pregnant during this phase. You must be careful during this phase to follow all the recommendations you find in your personal area.


–When your pH has reached the right level to conceive your little girl, you move to phase 2.
To maintain your pH at the right level:
–Continue to take food supplements according to the prescription provided.
–Continue your dietary programme.
–Continue to monitor your pH and enter it in your personal area.

Each month, according to your cycle and your ovulation period,
MyBuBelly will tell you the ideal fertilisation period
for conceiving a girl.

–If you don’t fall pregnant this month, take care to continue your programme until you fall pregnant.


MyBuBelly will be SOON available in your language….

you can register on the French website.