Biological clock: what is the best age to have a baby and get pregnant?

The biological clock in women is a real stress. At a certain age, there is panic and worry about the possibility of creating a family. You are lying under the questions of your loved ones “when will you get a baby? », « You are already 35 years old »,« you do not want to have children? Or “do you have any trouble getting pregnant?” “. These are unpleasant words to hear, but seem quite normal for everyone around you.

But, is there a perfect age to get pregnant? Is the myth of the biological clock true? Do your chances decrease with time?

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The importance of feeling ready to get pregnant

Before approaching the issue of age, it’s essential to talk about few points.

First of all, regardless of the effects of the biological clock, it’s important to not put pressure on yourself. You become pregnant for yourself and not for your surroundings. It’s a personal wish. If you do not feel ready or do not feel like it, do not force yourself. Social pressure can sometimes have negative effects on your mind.

Moreover, do not create stress around the pregnancy. If you communicate to your body a faintness, blockages will be created and your fertility will drop. Take care of yourself and do not blame yourself for having friends with babies. You will also achieve your mom’s desires.


The female biological clock: the impact of age on fertility

Fertility and chances of getting pregnant quickly depend on every woman. They do not evolve in the same body and have a different environment. It’s necessary to take into account the endocrine disruptors, the stress and the age.

Science and studies have shown that the more women get older, the less fertile they are.


The perfect age to get pregnant

Studies begin at the age of 25. Before this age, it was considered that young women rarely show a desire to have a child.

Scientifically, according to the studies of Dr. Thierry Harvey, head of the Maternity Department of Diaconesses and Gynecologist-Obstetrician, the perfect age to get pregnant would be 25 to 35 years old. Women are easier to conceive, are more fertile and contraceptive effects end more quickly.

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After 35 years old, is it still possible to get pregnant?

After having passed the age of 35, it seems that the fertility of women is decreasing. It’s not impossible to get pregnant but it takes longer. Pregnancies after this age may have some complications. Dr. Thierry Harvey states that chromosome abnormalities evolve with age so fertility is decreasing.


 Is the biological clock a myth?

Studies have shown that at age 43, it’s a critical age to have a child. Beyond the declining fertility, the risks of a high-risk pregnancy are high.

From the menopause, there is no more ovulation on the part of the woman’s body. It’s possible to use IVF (in vitro fertilization), but they are very risky. Some doctors refuse to practice it.

According to studies and advanced results, the biological clock is not a myth. Nevertheless, do not start a race against time. Take the time and consult professionals.