Get pregnant faster : all the techniques that you have to know

When you have difficulty getting pregnant, you may start to worry. And it’s totally normal, especially when you want to get pregnant faster. But, you have to know that the time varies according to the bodies and people. You maybe need more time comparing to your sister, cousin or neighbor. You are trying to get pregnant so hard that you are now exhausted from trying.

Don’t give up, we will give you all our advice to get pregnant fast.


All the techniques to get pregnant faster  

1.  How much sexual relations to get pregnant


Of course, it’s not a new. To get pregnant, you have to have sexual relations with your partner. There is no miracle. But, we are often asked how many sexual relations to have needed to get pregnant. There is no specific number. We could say 10 per months or 4 per week but it’s a lie.

It’s a question of logic : the more you have sexual relations and the more you increase your chances to have a baby. On the contrary, if you have only one or two relations, it will be complicated.

Getting pregnant need a strategy. There are a few factors you have to consider to get pregnant faster.

To put all the chances on your side, we recommend to pay attention to your period of ovulation. The ovulation is the moment when your chances are greater to get pregnant.

But, you don’t determine this period easily. You have to focus on your body, understand how your menstrual period works.


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2. The importance of your ovulation cycle

 Many women do not know the ovulation cycle, or think to know him but it’s not the case. This misunderstanding may be the reason why you can not get pregnant. We understand you, the time of ovulation is so short that it’s possible not to find the right niche. But, this time corresponds to your fertile days. When you define this period, it will save you from lost efforts.

Be careful, you are not fertile when the others are. You have to understand your body and adapt your approach. To get pregnant faster, take into account the life span of sperm and the fact that the duration of the ovulation cycle is 24 hours. You have to find the perfect balance.

Our advice is to have sexual relations before the fertile days and during. This technique multiply your chances to getting pregnant. 

Now, some tools help you to understand when you ovulate or not. For this, you can buy an ovulation calculator.


 3. Food and all its benefits


The food affects your fertility. You have to pay attention to all the aliments that you eat. It may seem useless but we guarantee you : if you want to get pregnant faster, focus on that !

To become pregnant, avoid diets and the excess of sugar. Why cut sugar ? Sugar disrupts your hormones. You probably understood : if you upset your body, then you will have trouble figuring out when is your fertility period.

Focus on organic and unmodified foods. They contain a lot of good things for your body. We also recommend to have a regular activity and eat healthy at specific hours. To increase the chances of getting pregnant, don’t abuse. There are only advices. If you exercise once a week it’s good !

MyBubelly method allows you to have access to real follow-up to get pregnant quickly thanks to dietitians and professionals.

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4. Avoid all the stress

When you want to get pregnant, you say to yourself « I need to get pregnant this month ». It seems like a motivational phrase but it’s not. If you put pressure on yourself, it’s worse. It will have a negative impact on your mind and on your body.

It may be difficult, we understand you. But you really have to be patient and wait for the right moment. Let things come to pass.

If you apply all our advice, you will get pregnant faster. Trust us, we are on this together.