How to get pregnant with twins?

Having a baby is an announcement that fills the two expecting parents with happiness and joy. But expecting twins is twice as much happiness for the soon-to-be father and mother. Some aspects can have an influence on having a multiple pregnancy. But if you are a mother-to-be who wants to get pregnant with twins, beware of the fake advice that is circulating on the Internet. MyBuBelly offers you the opportunity to discover the factors that can work in your favour and help you increase your chances of making your dream come true, and those that are only preconceived ideas and beliefs.

Getting pregnant with twins: preconceived ideas

Looking at the many tips that exist on the internet, it is very tempting to take them into account when you want to get pregnant with twins. But you have to be careful, because many are only preconceived ideas, and some of them can even be risky! Here are 3 preconceived ideas about twin pregnancy.


At MyBuBelly, we provide you with all the dietary advice you need to get pregnant, increase your fertility, and choose the sex of your baby. The method is 100% natural, prepares your body for fertilization, but also for the proper development of the future baby. However, neither diet nor vitamins can guarantee you twins. Unlike much information on the Internet and in the media, food will not give you any additional chance of getting pregnant with twins.

The age of the pregnant woman

Statistically, it has been shown that there are more twin pregnancies among women over 35 years of age. However, there is no scientific research to suggest that a late pregnancy increases the chances of getting pregnant with twins. Knowing that it is more difficult to have a child after 35 years of age, it is recommended not to rely on this preconceived idea, which may ultimately prove counterproductive.


One study showed that mothers who breastfed during a former pregnancy increased their chances of having twin babies. This may be explained by the decrease in calcium in the body caused by breastfeeding. As a result, the links between the embryo’s cells would be reduced, increasing the possibility of the embryo splitting in half, and allowing twins to get pregnant.

However, this study has only been conducted once, and has never been proven on a significant scale. For this reason, this theory should not be relied upon. This advice is risky, as breastfeeding should be treated with care. You should only listen to your doctor’s advice, because depending on the situation, breastfeeding can potentially weaken the mother. So be vigilant.

What really helps to get pregnant with twins

About one out of 80 pregnancies is a twin pregnancy. This relatively high figure is explained by several parameters which, unlike the elements mentioned above, really help to get pregnant with twins.

Genetic inheritance

Getting pregnant with twins is deeply linked to genetics. Indeed, if members of the mother’s or father’s family have already had twins, there is a high probability that you will have twins too. The chances of having false twins (heterozygous twins) are even higher if this genetic trait comes from the mother. If you have already had twins in your family, your chances of having twins in your turn are multiplied by 4!

Medical intervention

A doctor can help you have twins. Some treatments can have an impact, and increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins. Multiple pregnancy is one of the side effects of ovarian stimulation. But be careful, practitioners only use this treatment in case of medical necessity. A doctor’s intervention is generally intended for women who are facing secondary infertility, or because of their advanced age, in order to reduce the risk of malformations in the baby.

9. In vitro fertilization

In vitro fertilization (IVF) can improve the chances of having twins by 20 to 40%. It is a non-hazardous and reliable solution but it is quite expensive. You can ask your doctor for advice on the procedures to follow and where to do this IVF. Nevertheless, in vitro fertilization is generally intended for women affected by different types of infertility.

In short, there are very few characteristics that influence nature to have twins. However, the MyBuBelly Method can allow you to choose the sex of your unborn baby by watching your diet and ovulation cycle in a completely natural way.