How long does it take to get pregnant?

When the pregnancy takes time to come, many couples wonder and worry about whether the waiting time is normal. Being patient in this area is not always that easy, whereas keeping hope is very important to get pregnant quickly. So, how long does it take to get pregnant ? To reassure all the worried expecting parents, here is what you need to know about the average time to get pregnant, such as, the most fertile moment of the ovulation cycle.

The average time to get pregnant

Conceiving a child, is a thoughtful decision for a couple. When the couple starts trying, it wants it to happen quickly because he is ready. But sadly, there are times when the body is not.
It should be noted that the average time to get pregnant is around 6 months. It can take nearly 78 sexual intercourse to finally achieve fertilization, the equivalent of 13 sexual intercourse per month.
So, the first thing is to keep in mind that you need an average of six months of unprotected and regular sex to get pregnant.

Get pregnant very quickly or take a long time

These are only average figures. Some women are lucky enough to get pregnant at the first attempt while others can try for several years before getting pregnant. The desire to get pregnant has nothing to do with the success of the plan.
It should also be noted that one out of seven couples are facing fertility issues. That explains why many woman have trouble getting pregnant, and are in need of medical help to achieve it. But whether the fertilization is natural or assisted, the right moment of the cycle to get pregnant is always the same.

When in your cycle can you get pregnant

Biologically speaking, women can only get pregnant a few days a month. Those days are located around ovulation, which occurs about 15 days after the end of menstruation. But depending on the length of the menstruation and the length of the cycle, ovulation may occur a little earlier or a little later. In any case, you are more likely to get pregnant within the two weeks following your period.
But it also must be noted that sperm live up to 5 days in the female body. Therefore, identifying the right moment can be very tricky.

MyBuBelly’s coaching allows you to effectively target the time of ovulation, and helps you select the best timing to chose to get pregnant with a little boy or girl.

Being patient to get pregnant

Each woman is different, and every cycle is unique. Therefore, there is no reason to worry, nor to despair. If you exceed the 6 months of attempt, it can be because many factors, such as stress for example. The main reason why a large majority of couples are facing a long wait before having their baby, is the frequency of sexual intercourse. Quite often, they do not have enough or on the contrary, they have too much. Specialists recommend a specific rate of intercourse to maximize the chances to succeed : one every 48 hours during ovulation, so that you don’t miss your chance to get pregnant.

Before consulting a specialist, make sure to get the best odds by adopting a healthy lifestyle and an adapted diet, which will prepare your body for pregnancy. MyBuBelly supports you in this direction, and even helps you to give nature a hand to let you choose to have a boy or girl, using a 100% natural method.