How can you boost your fertility naturally?

Thinking about having a child but not sure if you can? Fortunately for you, there are natural methods to boost your fertility and improve your chances of conceiving a baby.

Detoxify your metabolism

The first step in boosting your fertility, is to prepare your body for pregnancy. To do this, you must detoxify! Start by quitting smoking, because tobacco is your fertility’s biggest enemy. See a smoking cessation specialist if necessary.

Your diet is also a way to detoxify! Watch what you eat, because you must be in good physical condition and not be deficient in anything. To do this, eat a balanced, varied diet, with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Our method of conception uses a natural diet, far from the synthetic substances that greatly disturb hormonal cycles. Along with folic acid and dietary supplements provided by the method, you will stack all the odds in favor of you getting pregnant, as well as choosing the sex of your future baby. Adopting proper eating habits before conception is very beneficial to your child, from the earliest days of your pregnancy.

Remember also to drink a lot of water. Your body needs 1.5 liters per day. On the other hand, you should avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Take your ovulation date into consideration

The second factor to be monitored to boost your fertility is your ovulation, a key step in becoming pregnant. Knowing your ovulation date is essential to identifying the best dates for conception. To do this, there are methods that make it possible for you to monitor your menstrual cycles and calculate the exact moment you ovulate. Thanks to ovulation testing or even by following your temperature curve, you can also select the gender of your baby, by observing proper timing and following an adapted diet.

You should also remember that the future father must also be prepared for conception. He can boost his fertility by doping his sperm. To do this, he must pay attention to his diet, quit smoking, and not drink too much alcohol or coffee. And he should not wear underwear that is too thick or pants that are too tight : the testicles do not like heat, because it hinders sperm production.

Opt for good sexual intercourse

Finally, the best fertility booster is your well-being! You and your partner must be in good spirits, both psychologically and sexually! Consider changing your sexual habits and setting up desire and excitement in your couple. Under no circumstances should sex be a chore for couples seeking to conceive. However, your sexual inercourse will have to be regular over the next few months. Fertility specialists recommend having sex every 48 hours to make sure you don’t miss any chance of getting pregnant.
A good tip is to set up romantic dates and plan romantic weekends. Book a hotel room around your ovulation date or eat out for example. Getting out of your daily life will help you relax, and therefore boost your fertility, without causing stress, which can harm its outcome.

After all these natural and easy-to-follow recommendations, you should be ready, both you and your partner, to conceive your child. All you have to do is get down to business now !