How to boost female fertility?

Do you dream of having a child, which you want to make happen as soon as possible ? To achieve this, there are factors, both negative and positive, that you can act on to boost female fertility. Here are some valuable tips to help you make sure you’ll have the best odds of becoming a mother quickly.

Learn patience

It’s not enough to stop taking contraceptive pill to get pregnant ! You should know that two out of three couples wait six months for this to work. A woman has only a 20% chance of getting pregnant in each cycle. That is why couples are seeking for advice to persevere for at least 12 months before consulting a doctor. Above all, you should never lose hope, because your state of mind is just as important as the rest!

Get the timing of ovulation right

Your ovulation is the key moment, the one that defines your fertility. It is therefore essential to watch your cycle and calculate its duration to boost your fertility. This varies from 25 to 35 days depending on each woman. From there, you can determine the day of your ovulation knowing that it occurs between the 12th and 14th days before the end of the cycle. If the calculation is a little difficult, be aware that methods to find out when you ovulate exist, such as observing cervical mucus, the temperature curve or ovulation tests, which make it possible to make no mistakes. MyBuBelly provides you with all the tips you need to help you track your ovulation easily.

Having sex on a regular basis

Since the period of female fertility is short and varies according to each woman, having regular and repeated sexual intercourse can maximize your chances of getting pregnant. But be careful not to have too many, because it can sometimes be counterproductive! Having sex every 48 hours is the ideal frequency recommended by specialists to get pregnant and ensures that the ovulation period is not missed.

But to boost female fertility, the most important recommendation to follow is very simple : be as relaxed as possible with your partner. Complicity is the best way to get pregnant quickly. Don’t listen to old clichés that want certain positions to influence fertility : they have no scientific basis. Some gynaecologists even recommend raising your hips with a pillow or doing it “with your feet on the wall”. But what matters most is your well-being!

Quit Smoking and drinking alcohol

We all know that alcohol and cigarettes are not good for health in general, and for fertility in particular. Tobacco reduces estrogen levels and alcohol disrupts progesterone production, leading to more frequent miscarriages and egg nesting issues.
Whatyou may not know is that you need to quit both at least three months before conception, both for the mother-to-be and the father-to-be.

Optimize your weight

Weight plays a very important role in the balance of your body. Therefor, it also have a huge influence on your ability to get pregnant. Being overweight minimizes the chances of getting pregnant, as does being too thin. The female body must have an adequate percentage of fat to function perfectly and produce hormones. Take the time to reach a reasonable weight by listening to your body. It should be noted that the fertility weight is higher than the healthy weight and that to reach it, a healthy lifestyle will be recommended, and not a deprivation diet.
For this reason MyBuBelly provides you with dietary recommendations to help you orienting the sex of your unborn baby, but does not recommend deprivation under any circumstances.

Living a healthy life

It is important to practice some regular exercise (walking or swimming) to boost fertility. Indeed, doing sport in moderation contributes to mental and physical well-being, which is very important when a woman wants to have a baby.
In addition, a few months before conception, some vitamins (A, B6, B9, B12, C and E) and nutrients (zinc, iron, selenium and manganese), not to mention essential fatty acids (omega 3), will help you be in great shape for your future pregnancy.

Opt for alternative medicine

Alternative medicines are not a substitute for medically assisted reproduction methods, but they can help you to reduce your stress, which is highly detrimental to fertility, and to regulate your biological functions. The MyBubelly method offers an all-natural coaching to help you realize your dream of being a mother.

Stress can indeed cause irregular cycles, a decrease in libido, poor sperm quality and many other fertility issues, as the body is responding to a situation of insecurity.
So you should not worry if your baby is waiting, but quite the opposite : move, laugh, and of course, don’t forget to cuddle up with your partner!