Book by Valérie Grumelin and Véronique Bied-Damon

Les 12 clés pour s’accomplir et se réaliser (The 12 keys to fulfilment and actualisation) is the title of Valérie Grumelin and Véronique Bied-Damon’s recent book.
The former is a psychologist and the latter is a gynaecologist specialising in fertility.

They jointly published this guide which discusses the 12 fundamental principles for taking action effectively in your daily life in order to get to know yourself better and better understand the early signs of an imbalance.

They help their patients to achieve psychological and physical well-being on a daily basis, which can even help resolve problems that block fertility.

As fertility professionals, Valérie Grumelin and Véronique Bied-Damon provide invaluable guidance to the members of the MyBuBelly community through their expertise. In fact, they have developed numerous advice sheets on fertility, ovulation, cycle, cervical mucus and psychological blockages, all of which are topics that our experts discuss.

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